Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm in a weird mood

I think it's because I didn't get to work out on lunchtime. A coworker, pregnant and in her fourth month, came by just as I was off to the health club. She had been to the doctor this morning and I sensed she needed to be fussed over a little. OK. When it comes to fussing over your baby bump, I'm your girl. However, that 20 minutes prevented me from making it to the club in time. The result is that I feel just ... blah. Fat and blah.

The project upon my plate has an inflexible template and I have to tell everything there is to know about this checking account in less than 250 words. This isn't creative. This is like doing a puzzle. I'm not inspired. I am, however, annoyed.

I'm also annoyed that I still haven't received my expense reimbursement. I'm tempted to say, "It's only $50," but that's not how I feel. Do I look like Ivanka Trump? I can't just turn up my nose at this money. It's $47. MY $47! And I want it!

My best friend is interviewing, I just know it. He's in remote mode again, and I'm sure it's because he knows how I feel about all this. He's 43 years old -- if he doesn't get out of financial marketing (which he really no longer cares for) now, he may never get out of it, and that makes me sad. He lives in an enormous house that he couldn't unload now if he wanted to, and I know his wife is happier as a stay-at-home mom, and I know this isn't my business anyway, but I'm sad nevertheless.

There's no Cubs baseball anymore until Spring.

If one more person comes in here, I may scream.

I wasn't in this mood this morning. I don't know why the bottom fell out. But it has. And I hate it.


  1. I am sending you a big big warm fuzzy online hug!!! Can you feel it? I hope you cheer up soon :)..

  2. If I lived closer, I'd say let's go out for a drink. I don't usually drink but today, I would have a drink. Sounds like you could use one, too. Plus... manwatching is always a good time.

  3. (HUGS) we all have our craptastic days. Aren't you glad we can whine about it on our blogs and have people give us instant feedback and luvs?? :)

    Today will be 100x better. Promise.


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