Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Thursday Thirteen #277

Thirteen places to see the fall colors. Every autumn, my old friend Kathy would mention she thought it would be fun to hit the road and check out the foliage. I admit I couldn't care less. I look at the trees and see the colors and they make me happy, but I've never been motivated to take a trip to seek them out. Kathy is suffering from cognitive decline, and in a way, I'm posting this to remind me of how she always wanted to do this, but never did.

1. Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

2. The Berkshires, MA

3. Door County, WI

4. White Mountain, NH

5. Bar Harbor, ME

6. Adirondacks, NY

7. The Catskills, NY

8. Green Mountain Byway, VT

9. Gatlinburg & the Smoky Mountains, TN

10. Poconos, PA

11. Taos, NM

12. Brooklyn Botanical Garden, NY

13. Napa Valley, CA

What about you? Do you have a "bucket list" item it would be easy to mark off, but you just haven't gotten around to it?

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  1. The ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway can be beautiful if you hit it right; we seem to always go either too early or too late. But then the colors are right around me so there's really no need to find the best time. One of my bucket list items is to eat a hot fudge sundae (I stopped eating ice cream when I was 12). That should be easy to do but oddly it is not.

  2. Door County and Bar Harbour are places I want to visit, but not for the leaves. I can see plenty of beautiful fall color right here in the Laurel Highlands of PA.

  3. I would humbly add Northern Maine as a destination. It's completely different than coastal Maine.