Sunday, October 04, 2020

Slam, bam, tang

I don't usually drink martinis. They hit me too hard. But Saturday was a special occasion. Joanna and I celebrated her birthday. And a grapefruit martini is so pretty!

We were going to get together closer to her birthday -- two Saturdays ago -- but she got a shingles vaccine and was feeling tuckered out. We're old ladies now and have to be careful during a pandemic. 

We met up at our favorite tapas place, right up the street from where our movie group used to meet. We each had a cold plate (she had a salad, I had pecan/pears/goat cheese) and a hot plate (empanada de buey -- ground beef and mushrooms in a puff pastry). And we caught up.

She's still crazy about Sid. He's a handful -- bad tempered and forgetful at times as he deals with the aftermath of a stroke -- but he makes her laugh. There's a real connection there. I'm happy for her.

It was exciting to be in the city again. This is only the third time I've gotten together with one of my friend since February! I took Ubers to and fro. I still don't feel ready for public transportation.

And I enjoyed the grapefruit martini, even though it knocked me on my ass. There's an old song from the play, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying. It refers to the "slam, bam, tang" of gin and vermouth. Frank Loesser wasn't kidding.

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  1. What fun to get together over glamorous martinis!

    I need to get the shingles vaccine. Thanks for the reminder.