Friday, May 01, 2020

Saturday 9

1) In this song, Bobby Goldsboro celebrates the "little things" that delight him, like seeing his girl smile. What are some little every day things that reliably lighten your mood? Oh, lots of things! These are top of mind ...
•  My cats. 
•  That I was able to find Cubbie blue masks (I miss baseball!). 
•  When the online technology works and I'm able to have a good meeting with my coworkers or client.
•  Watching That Girl on Antenna TV and checking out Ann's clothes. 
It would never occur to me to wear  these colors together, but she looks adorable
2) Bobby is a lifelong sports fan. While in high school, he came to terms with physical limitations -- slender build, slow speed -- that would prevent him from having a career as a professional athlete. That's when he turned his attention to music. Given your choice, would you rather make your living in music or sports? Explain your decision. Music, because it's a longer career. My cousin is in his 50s, and he's been a working musician for decades (both performing and teaching). Athletes are pretty much done before 40.

3) Shortly before "Little Things" was released, Bobby toured England for two weeks, backing up Roy Orbison. They opened for The Beatles. Bobby fondly recalls spending time with Paul McCartney, teaching him how to imitate the croak of an Alabama tree frog. Are you good at imitations (human or otherwise)? No. This is another area -- like singing -- where I'm hampered by being tone deaf.

4) Back in the States, Goldsboro (again with Orbison) opened for the Rolling Stones in New York. Which band did you listen to more recently, the Stones or the Beatles? The lads from Liverpool.

5) Bobby worked on projects with Burt Reynolds, doing the music for the movie Gator and the TV show Evening Shade. Burt said it was not only Bobby's musical ability but also his wit that made him fun to work with. What qualities do you value in a coworker? Willingness. Enthusiasm for the task at hand is almost as important as competence.

6) These days, Bobby spends more time painting than performing music. He regularly
donates his artwork to be auctioned off for charity. Have you ever tried your hand at painting? Not since paint-by-number kits were the rage. 

7) In 1964, when this song was on the radio, women spent more on styling gels and sprays than they do today. Are you having a good hair day? Or has the pandemic made dealing with your hair something of an adventure? My hair has become all cowlicky and wavy.

8) Nationally and internationally, one of 1964's biggest news stories was the marriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The bride wore a yellow dress and white and yellow flowers in her hair. The groom was decked out in a sedate dark suit with a red tie and a yellow boutonniere. What did you wear the last time you got really dressed up? I don't remember the occasion, but I know I wore my paisley cardigan because I was hoping to wear it again before I washed it. Since it's May, that's not going to happen this season.
9) Random question: Imagine you're stranded on a desert island with a complete stranger. Would you prefer your one and only companion be a man or a woman? A man. My upper body strength would be woefully inadequate to the tasks of survival. I'm hoping a man would balance that out. Of course, I'd rather not be stranded on a desert island at all.


  1. Oh yes, I remember the Paint by number. Just thought of it makes me think of the smell of the paint! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I did a lot of paint by number as a kid. I didn't even think of it. I did think of a man on the island for the same reason as you, though.

  3. That Girl was one of my favorites.

  4. Apparently, paint-by-number is thing again. Who knew? Have a great weekend. Stay safe!

  5. I am so worried baseball will not have a season. Well, I am not actually worried, but I am sad. At least we got to watch some Spring Training. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  6. I have not seen That Girl in ages. I would not put those colors together, either, but she does look adorable. I like to color, but I don't consider that art.

  7. We have several similar answers again this week (like paint by number!) I love it that you put movie titles in italics too, even if they aren't in the question.

  8. I've seen sticker by number (which I couldn't figure out) and paint by number kits again. I could never get into paint by number.

  9. I;ll have to watch an episode of That Girl. I am with you on not wanting to be stranded. I think all kids did paint by number. There was always one friend whose results were stunning and then me whose paintings looked like horse hockey.