Friday, May 01, 2020

Nothing but good news

Wednesday night, Chicago's athletes participated in a telethon to benefit those feeling the negative effect of the corona virus crisis. The Cubs' Anthony Rizzo appeared.

Of course he did.

Sports columnist Dave Kaplain rattled off Rizz' impressive off-the-field stats.

•  Since mid-March, the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation has provided 5000 meals to healthcare workers at 30 hospitals in 6 states.

•  That's nearly 115 meals a day, purchased from local, independently-owned restaurants struggling to stay afloat.

Then Kaplan joked, "Aren't you ever going to stop?"

"I don't want to stop," he said seriously.

And sure enough, on Thursday his foundation delivered 500 KN95 masks to Lurie Children's Hospital.

Rizz is now 30. He doesn't have many seasons left. If he wanted to mention how detrimental the pandemic and the truncated season will be to his career, I don't think anyone would blame him.

But then, he wouldn't be Anthony Rizzo. Instead he talked about his parents (they're healthy but bored) and staying in shape (riding bikes with his wife and taking swings in a batting cage) and his beloved Kevin.

Kevin is a good boy. He understands "sit," "stay" and "go out." However, Kevin doesn't get "rollover" and looks confused when asked to give his paw.

Anthony Rizzo is a good boy, too. When his as-yet unborn kids ask him what he did during the 2020 pandemic, he can be proud of his answer.

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