Thursday, October 03, 2019

In praise of ...

... well, me. I kept my head Tuesday night.

I wanted a midnight snack. I popped a frozen, breaded chicken breast in the microwave. I buy these by the bag from Trader Joe's, so I know the drill: Microwave-safe plate for four minutes.

Well, Tuesday night, my microwave went rogue. Before the four minutes was up, the chicken breast melted onto the plate and started smoking. It wasn't a fire, exactly. But it certainly smelled like one. And once I opened the microwave door, smoke flooded the kitchen ... and dining room ... and living room.

I unplugged it. I felt the sides to make sure they were cool. So was the socket plate, so I deduced there was no danger of fire. I opened the windows and got out a pair of fans. I turned on the air purifier. I farted around on the internet for a while, just killing time until I was sure everything was safe.

I did not lose my head. I did not freak out.

When you're alone, it's good to know you can count on yourself.

The microwave is about seven years old, and it was less than $100 new, so this weekend it will be retired and replaced. I'm relieved, actually. So many of my unexpected outlays lately -- refrigerator, dental work -- have been expensive. I see a trip to Kohl's or Sears in my future.


  1. Wow! I got anxious reading about this! How empowering to keep your cool and know what to do.

  2. It hit you all at once! But I see you made stellar decisions and kept your cool. I would expect no less.