Sunday, August 04, 2019

Sunday Stealing

From the 500 Question Survey

1. Have you read anything by C.S. Lewis? Nope.

2. What is your favorite movie with Jack Nicholson?
Terms of Endearment. He's quite charming, and less of a ham hock than in some of his more popular roles.


3. What rhymes with 'orange?'
Nothing. Just like "purple."

4. Have you ever swallowed an object by accident?
A very expensive porcelain veneer. I mourn it to this day.

5. Is your eyesight 20/20?
No. But weirdly enough, I found at my last eye exam (December 2018) that my prescription is now weaker than it was two years ago. Go figure.

6. Have you ever had insomnia?

7. Does it bother you when people touch you?
Depends on who they are.

8. Is it better to get too much or too little sleep?
As I age I find I can't get too much sleep.

9. What gets your adrenaline pumping?

10. Do you ever talk about yourself in the third person?
No. It's crazy how much that irritates me.

11. What's your favorite radio station? What kind of music do they play?
MeTV-FM. They've got the not-overplayed oldies.

12. Do you believe there is anyplace still undiscovered in all the world?
Probably not. Seldom visited, yes.
13. Ever caught a fish?
Once. When I was a very little girl. I felt terrible for the shiny little bluish green fella as he died. I never went fishing again.

14. Were you ever in the first row of a concert?
10th row is as close as I've ever gotten.

15. Do you have any autographs?
Gloria Steinem (in a paperback) and the Cub's ace Ferguson Jenkins (on a photo).



  1. Can't sleep enough as we age. Isn't that the truth? I look at all the oldsters snoozing the day away at the nursing home and wish they'd share just a little of that with me. My 4-5 hours per night is not quite enough for peak performance.

  2. Your Cubbies are in a tight race, but still in first. Yanks/Red Sox has lost a bit since last year we couldn't compete with them last year and this season's it's the opposite. My son and I are going to the Stadium later this month...

  3. I'm quite jealous of the Steinem autograph.

  4. I should re-watch Terms of Endearment, I was too young to appreciate it when I saw it.

  5. I've gotten so used to 3-4 hours sleep that it now seems normal. but I DO nap during the day.

  6. Why I don't fish either. I can eat fish if I don't see someone killing it.

  7. Ya know, I think when I went fishing my dad to the fish from me and put it away. I did not watch it die or I would have never fished again either.
    You need to get out and get more Cubbie autographs! I loved watching the Cubs and Cards (on tv)....I am going to see them live one of these days. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!