Saturday, December 29, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Winter Wonderland (1968)
1) This is an unconventional take on an old familiar song. Over the holidays, do you prefer traditional carols? Or do you like to mix it up with with more contemporary fare? I like Christmas music, everything from Frank Sinatra to Judy Garland to George Michael to Sha Na Na. What I don't like is choirs. They sound ponderous and elite to me.
2) Now that Christmas is behind us, are you enjoying a relaxing week? Or do you have socializing/celebrating/chores to do? I am working hard at being lazy.
3) Winter is a time for cocooning. What book or movie did you enjoy in 2018 that you would recommend to your fellow Saturday 9-ers? The Astonishing Thing by Sandi Ward is a sweet, slim volume. It's the story of a family in turmoil as told by their cat, Boo. It's not at all saccharine, because cats are, after all, edgy creatures. When the book was over, I found myself wondering what had ultimately happened to the characters.
4)  Looking back on the past year, what was one of your happiest moments? I enjoyed visiting my nephew, the newly-minted freshman at his dorm in western Illinois. We had a good time, and I was thrilled to see how much he enjoys life on campus.

5)  What was the smartest thing you did all this past year? Finally finished my bathroom renovation. It makes me happy every time I enter the room.
6)  As 2018 comes to a close, what are you most grateful for? That Henry is healing after his life-threatening accident.
7) This week's featured artist is Herb Alpert. Because of the style he popularized and the name of his band, people assume he's Hispanic. Yet his parents were Jewish immigrants from Romania. What's something we'd be surprised to learn about you? I read slowly. I also eat slowly. I don't know why, as I enjoy both activities. Maybe I do them slowly because I enjoy them. Anyway, it takes me longer to finish a book or a meal than it takes my friends.

8) He performed an instrumental version of "The Star Spangled Banner" at Super Bowl XXII. How did your favorite sports teams do in 2018? My Chicago Cubs have made it to the post-season for the last four years in a row. In my entire long life of Cub love, I've never had the pleasure of watching a team as good as this one. It feels positively luxurious.

9) Random question: When did you last check your social media feed? I just checked Facebook before I began answering these questions.


  1. I am surprised that you read slowly! Your posts always give me the impression that you are a person in fast forward, always on the move.

  2. I am trying to remodel my cottage bathroom, so far I had 5 contractors come out an look at it and not one of them submitted a bid. Number 5 said he would have it by tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath.

  3. Because Dad is a choral director, I grew up listening to all types of choruses. We listened to one on Christmas (I think it was from Harvard) that was just too contemporary for my liking--it sounded like a Christmas dirge!

    I need to reup my lazy game. I haven't wasted enough time over my break.

  4. Hi are right...we would never be happy together in the summer with our baseball team rivalry, but don't you just love it? They play each other so well! I love it when we play the Cubbies! I was happy for you all when you went on your winning streak! The Cardinals have had plenty of good years. I am hoping we can be a little better next season though. Only time will tell. It will be fun. Happy New Year! I loved your answers!

  5. Go Cubbies! That book sounds interesting, a lot!
    Since I sang in choirs they still move me. Especially when they are singing Christmas carols, or Bach. I love classical music.
    Congrats to your nephew!

  6. My bathroom is in dire need of some help. It totally reeks of the 90's with the oversized tub with it's jets. That tub makes for great storage today :)

  7. I'm glad you have such a wonderful relationship with your nephew. You know that's pretty special, right?


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