Tuesday, September 25, 2018

So relieved! It was a good trip!

I was a little apprehensive as I rode the rails to Macomb, IL. My nephew is a freshman there, and I was worried about how eager he was for me to visit. After all, he's just been there a month, and he was already up one weekend to surprise his parents. Is he adjusting well? Is he lonely? Freshmen have trouble under the best circumstances, and frankly, his are not really the best circumstances. First of all, he battles depression. He holds himself to (impossibly) high standards and when he falls short, he is extremely hard on himself. He gets debilitating migraines. He takes medication for both the depression and the headaches, but I still worry.

And then there is his roommate. This young man is autistic. I appreciate how hard it must have been for this kid and his dad (there doesn't appear to be a mom in the picture) to get him to this point. But it's not ideal for my nephew to have a roommate who doesn't make eye contact, speaks seldom and watches wrestling videos at all hours.

I'm happy to report all is well. He loves Macomb. It feels "comfortable" and "familiar" to him. I was surprised by how empty it was -- there were very few people on the sidewalks and those we saw were wearing WIU purple. But my nephew is not the City Mouse his aunt is. He prefers the slow pace and rural feel.

He loves his classes. American history, sociology, philosophy and stress management (meditation). His professors are "cool" and "legit." His first class isn't until 11:00 and he's done before 4:00. He realizes that next semester, he won't have such an easy time (two of his classes are in the same hall, and the Student Union is right there).

I loved his fridge. When I checked out the WIU website, I found this model of the "microfridge" that would be in his room.

Here is the real thing.

That's milk, with more milk in the doors. Cool Whip and raw cookie dough (both of which will be consumed with a spoon and nothing else) box after box of pizza bites in the freezer. I was amused, but not surprised. My nephew is a young man who loves his dairy.

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  1. This is a fantastic report! Glad he's adjusting so well to all the changes being a college freshman entails. I'm surprised he didn't use the term "Lit" that's what I hear all the time. ;)


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