Saturday, September 15, 2018

A message from my mom

September 14 was payday. It's from this first paycheck of the month that I make charitable contributions. One check always goes to a local animal shelter that's perpetually struggling. Then I send 3 more to charities that rotate. I keep a big envelope filled with solicitations I receive and then make my selections.

For some reason, I just had to write the checks Friday morning. Even though I was running late for work. One was to Goodwill, because I support their mission.

One was to the humane society where my mother adopted her favorite cat, Ethel. The other was the World Wildlife Fund. My mom was on a fixed income, but whenever she found herself even a little ahead, she sent a check to WWF. It worried her that her as-yet unborn greatgrandchildren would never see an elephant, live, the way she enjoyed seeing them with us and her grandchildren at the zoo.

I logged on to Facebook and as I scrolled down through the "Your Memories" feature, I saw that September 14 is the sixth anniversary of my mother's death. For some reason, I recalled it as later in the month. But no, it's September 14.

I handled it, Mommy.

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