Saturday, September 15, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Teenage Dream (2010) Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Much of the video for this week's song takes place in a convertible and on the beach. How's the weather where you are? Would you be comfortable riding around with the top down today? Yes. The mercury will likely top 80º sunny degrees today.

2) This video was filmed all around Katy Perry's hometown of Santa Barbara. Amtrak runs through Santa Barbara via The Pacific Surfliner. Tell us about a memorable train trip. Back in 2009, I took my then 9-year-old nephew to Springfield to see the Lincoln sites. I was touched by how excited and serious he was about our trip, which was not only his first time on Amtrak, it was his first vacation without his parents. He carefully read his pre-printed ticket and saw that ID might be required, and then reassured me not to worry, because he had his library card. I'm riding the rails again soon, this time to see his new college dorm room. Gulp!

3) Katy sings that her boyfriend thinks she's funny, even when she gets the punchline wrong. Do you think you're a better joke-teller or audience? I can usually be counted on to get a laugh.

4) Her "teenage dream" lover is shown working out with a heavy bag. When is the last time you visited a gym? I went twice last week. It felt good.

According to People mag, this week she's back to green
5) Katy changes her hair a lot. She's gone from long black hair to cropped blonde hair with stops at red, green and purple. Today, are you having a good hair day? Not at this moment. I haven't showered yet.

6) Katy thinks dimples are "irresistible" and can't help poking a finger when a dimpled friend smiles. Do you have dimples? Yes. And I would hate having Katy poke around in them!
7) Two of Katy's fragrances (Meow and Purr) are sold in cat-shaped bottles. Are you wearing a scent as you answer these questions? Not at this moment. I haven't showered yet.
8)  Katy's favorite dessert is ice cream (specifically Cold Stone Creamery's Birthday Cake Remix). What's the last dessert you ate? I had ice cream and graham crackers last night, after dinner.

9) Random question: How often do you change your bedsheets? I launder them every week. Sometimes, if I'm especially lazy, I put the clean ones back on my bed instead of getting a new set out of the cabinet.


  1. I've been taking the bus a lot lately. Last week I took the bus to Hartford and on the Cape I have been riding the bus to P'town.

  2. Hi Gal! The weather there sounds a little better than here. It is 90 and humid and will be next week too. So gross, I hate humidity. We had some 70º days early last week and those were so nice!
    Your ice cream and graham crackers sound so good! I have not had that combination, but it sounds delicious! I must try it! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  3. I frequently put the sheets right back on the bed after washing them. :) And go you for going to the gym!

  4. How sweet that your nephew thought his library card would work for ID. I wonder if it would have. Maybe in 1999. You're a good aunt to go see him in his dorm.

  5. Aww...what a sweet story about your nephew! I'm sure it's a memory he'll always treasure, too. I usually do put the sheets right back on the bed, not so much out of laziness, but out of hatred of folding sheets. I am convinced that anyone who can fold a fitted sheet and have it look like it was folded rather than wadded up must be a witch!