Friday, September 14, 2018

I admit it: I'm hooked

This morning, at about 7:45, my Infinity services all went out. Cable TV, internet and phone. I was desolate.

I still had my shower radio and my cellphone to keep me company as I dressed for work. And we we're only talking for an hour or so before I left to catch the train. But boy, I missed my routine. And my routine is so Comcast-centric! Joe and Mika on TV, checking my Microsoft Outlook and Farmville Farm before I go to the office (where I will check my email and game again).

I got a text alert from Comcast at about 11:45, letting me know that my service had been restored. Even though I was 20 miles and hours away from home, I felt better.

I gotta be connected!


  1. It's kind of sobering to realize just how dependent we are when that happens. If it's long enough it's almost like withdrawal. :/

  2. I am completely lost without my internets. Which is probably not a good thing. I don't watch regular TV (Netflix and Hulu here) but Duty does so he would probably freak out. Glad you will be connected once again!

  3. No kidding! The world is off kilter when my routine is interrupted.

  4. Wow. Glad yours went back up.
    Ours went out, but not comcast, two days ago very late in the evening. I turn everything off and went to bed. It's easy to see that you'd like being connected. Most of us do.