Sunday, February 18, 2018

In praise of low tech

I have two very old TVs. Produced around the turn of the century. So old they still have tubes built into the back. They work just fine. Picture quality is bright. No problem working with the Comcast/Xfinity equipment.

I love them. I love how they keep working ... and working ... and working. This is identical to the one in my bedroom. Keeping it tuned to old sitcoms (MeTV or Cozi) helps me get to sleep at night. When it crapped out last Wednesday evening, I was bereft.

I am most happy to report that the problem is not my little tugboat of a retro TV but the little cable converter box. Replaced for free by Comcast/Xfinity. So all is good.

I know, it's crazy how attached I become to stuff. But I can see no reason to add my tube TVs to a landfill before their time.

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