Sunday, January 29, 2017


to concentrate: to focus one's thoughts

I want to end 2017 by being able to point to concrete achievements. To do that, I must focus
Financially, so far this month I'm doing OK. I'm ending this weekend with cash in my wallet, which will make it easier for me to afford my pre-theater dinner with Barb this Wednesday. YEA!

Domestically, though, I've been struggling. My place is a mess. I'm over run by paper and books and cat hair and bread crumbs. Once I do my laundry, grocery shopping and bill paying, I feel I've done all the "homework" I should be expected to do and let myself get distracted by something/anything else.
So I made two investments ...

A pendant from My Intent. It says "FOCUS," and itreally does help me stay on track. I realize that focus is an issue in all areas of my life -- the other morning I lined my eyes but got distracted before I put on the mascara! It amuses me that I like this pendant so much. Years ago -- it feels like another lifetime now -- I had a lover who believed that if he wrote his goal down, he would bring them nearer within reach. I teased him about this mercilessly. And now look at me, wearing my ONEWORD around my neck.
A new vacuum cleaner. A Shark Navigator, to be exact. It's neither as lightweight, nor as cute, as my little green Bissell Aeroswift, but lightweight and cute just wasn't getting my carpet clean. The suction on this new machine is so strong, it felt like it was leading me around the apartment. I love that when I walk around barefoot, I no longer feel like I'm strolling along the beach.

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  1. Did I post about the My Intent wristband I got myself? How funny we both have pendants from them.