Sunday, January 29, 2017

Start spreading the news

I'm going to turn 60 here. My oldest friend and I already have our room reservations and she's so excited, she's already booked her flight. I'm waiting a little while because I'd like to pay cash for it, and that will require my tax refund. And that's OK, because we aren't leaving for 296 days.

This means that we will be in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Last year, one of New York, New York's restaurants -- Nine Fine Irishmen -- had an "Irish Thanksgiving" meal for $29.99. Roasted corn/sausage chowder or green salad, turkey breast with gravy or glazed ham, stuffing and mashed potatoes and green beans, and pumpkin pie or bread and butter pudding for dessert. All this sounds very good, except I don't know why the Irish would celebrate Thanksgiving. But never mind. Very little in Las Vegas makes sense.

While I like the idea of celebrating a holiday in Glitter Gulch, I am worried that we won't see any good shows. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find something to do. Like laugh. she and I laugh a lot, and Vegas traditionally gives one a lot to laugh at.


  1. I was in Ireland over Thanksgiving and they don't have any idea about it. But the menu listed for the Vegas place sounds delicious!

  2. sounds like a wonderful friend that is a quality I love to have in my friends someone who loves to laugh and have fun with me
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  3. What a great birthday trip! You'll have a wonderful time.