Sunday, January 04, 2015

So now I'm "the snobby and judgmental girl"

The only bad thing about "helping" Sam Winters with the Saturday 9 meme is that I feel a responsibility to those who play. I visit all their blogs and leave a positive comment because, well, "this silly little meme" was important to Bud and I want to keep it going.

Yesterday I got a bitchy comment back on this blog from one of the newer Sat 9-ers. She came over to call  me "the snobby and judgmental girl."

I don't know her. I don't see how I could have ever met her. I don't believe I've ever corresponded with her at any length through the cyberworld. And yet she came over here just to be mean. I don't get it. I scrolled down through her blog and found that the only comments I've made to her have been upbeat. Superficial, perhaps, but not certainly not mean.

I hate bullies. Most of all, I hate it when I find myself bullied. I guess the anonymity afforded her by the internet emboldened her and in her mind made it somehow okay to hurt my feelings.

However, the older I get, the more I enjoy being called a "girl."

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  1. I get those types of emails all the time. Don't let them rain on your parade.
    A friend told me that no matter what you do on the internet you are always going to step on someone's toes so don't take it personally.

  2. Keep doing what you do. Her comments are the work of a small spirit trying to look big by stepping on other people.

  3. What the hell?!! I've never seen you that way... sheesh.

  4. Just catching up here, but OMGWTFBBQ--people are insane. Is that because you said mean things about people who picked on Elvis as a kid? smh You are definitely not a snob, and you use your mind well to make judgments, but so do we all. Glad you deleted whatever s/he said.