Sunday, January 04, 2015

"Clean Me" update

A big, black lawn bag: That's how much stuff I took out to the dumpster last night, all from my bedroom. It took about 45 minutes, but they were 45 well spent minutes.

Friday I actually hauled the big box of stuff to Goodwill, which was a $12 cab ride (incl. tip) and did four loads of laundry, so while I didn't do a lot to improve my surroundings, I did at least do something.

I also think I'm on my way to eliminating the drain flies! Thank you, Earthworm! It's taken longer than I'd like -- a week of regular dosing -- but Earthworm is organic and safe for both my elderly plumbing and my elderly cat, Joe.


  1. i try to remember when i have finished a "house cleaning" also got exercise too..
    i am going to start winter cleaning again..mainly because i want to put the place on the market again in the spring...a de-cluttered place hopefully means a sale.

  2. That's the way! I'll bet you're starting to see a difference.