Sunday, January 04, 2015

Out with the old

Today I concentrated on the kitchen cabinet over the microwave. I got rid of a lot of little stuff, much of it medication well, well past the expiration date. (St. Joseph Aspirin from 2003, anyone?) Some of it was prescription drugs from my 2011 surgery and some from long-ago dental work. I had no reason to be hanging onto these bottles, and now they're gone.

I added two ice cube trays to my next Goodwill bag. I have two in my freezer now, and that's always been more than enough ice.

So today I learned that a percentage of my clutter is, literally, thoughtless. I just hang on to stuff without giving it any conscious thought. From now on I must try to pay closer attention.


  1. You're making great progress!

  2. plus the outdated meds...are dangerous.
    Keep going Gal...!!!

  3. I have so much stuff that I don't know what to do with it. We've lived in one place too long. But I am ready to get it out of here! Good for you for going after it.