Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday Stealing

The New Year's Eve Meme

In 2014, I gained: A couple new friends. One through work, the other through my classic movie meet up.

I lost: the Chicago Cub earmuffs John gave me for my November 2013 birthday. I miss them.

I stopped: reading Gone with the Wind. The book moves more slowly than I remembered. I just couldn't get into it.

I started: working out with a trainer.

I was hugely satisfied by: the steps I've made toward remodeling my bathroom.

And frustrated by: my cousin Rose. It's hard to love someone, but not want to hang around witht hem.

I am so embarrassed that I: am such a bad housekeeper

Once again, I: enjoyed a peaceful holiday season with friends, rather than a stressful one with family

Once again, I did not: meet my financial and weight goals

The biggest physical difference between me last December and this December is: I feel healthier

The biggest psychological difference between me last December and this December is: I think I better understand how to reach my goals

I loved spending time: with my good old cat, Joey. He's a feline senior citizen, probably 18 years old, and I treasure the time we have left together. (He's cuddled up beside me as write this.)
Why did I spend even two minutes: checking social media?

I should have spent more time: on the exercise bike

I regret buying: this futon

I will never regret buying... even though with that money I could have ... any airline ticket/my debt

I ...way too much. drink Coke

I didn’t... enough.  exercise

 ... drove me crazy.  My cousin Rose, regrettably.

The most relaxing place I went was my birthday trip to Las Vegas

Why did I go to ... sorry, I got nothing for this

The best thing I did for someone else was fly out to Los Angeles to spend time with my oldest friend

The best thing I did for myself my birthday trip to Las Vegas

The best thing someone did for me ... I'm so lucky in my friends and the way they come through for me when I need them. It's hard to choose one thing.

The one thing I’d like to do again, but do it better .... there was a mistake I made at work -- an error in judgement -- that I'd love to take back.


  1. It's hard to second-guess the things that happen at work, isn't it? Sometimes I want a do-over.

  2. Gone With The Wind is one of my most favorite books. And, yes it can move rather slowly.

    Happy New Year to you!

  3. You sound very wise in your answers, like you are growing. That's a good thing.

  4. I started a few books this year that were just too much to finish.

  5. Good Friends can really make life bearable, and so can taking time out for yourself - like going out to Vegas. Happy New Year to you!

  6. How did you hook up with a trainer? I'm honestly curious: this is something I need to figure out this year.