Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I can't shake the feeling that something bad is going to happen.

We -- meaning the three of us who touched a recent project -- let a typo slip through. It never got to print, so it's not catastrophic, but it's also not good. I'm worried that this will get our client thinking about taking this portion of our account work -- the part I work on! -- back and handling it in house. The fact that the one heading this on the client side is the troublesome newbie doesn't help allay my fears. Have I mentioned lately that I really need this job?

Oh, and then there's the stove thing. I admit I'm still rather shaken by that near miss. When I'm home I keep compulsively touching the burners to make sure they're off. And I've covered the on/off console in bubble wrap, just in case Reynaldo gets the the itch to go wandering again. I know it only happened once in 10 years, and no damage was done, but still, it scared me.

My stomach hurts. So I cancelled workout #3 with trainer. I was afraid that, even after Pepto and ginger ale, bouncing around too much could end embarrassingly.

But that still leaves me feeling fat and undisciplined.

My life is really no different than it was a month ago, but I'm frightened again.

I keep thinking of that lyric from "American Pie" --  I met a girl who sang the blues ... and she was this Gal!


  1. Stove burners can be a nightmare now that they don't glow red. My sis had to take her cat to the vet after she walked onto a ring that was still on. Avoids it completely now - poor little thing.......

  2. That burner thing would have freaked me out too! Can't say I blame you. The fear will flow away soon, though.

    Sending love and hugs for dreads be gone!

  3. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Oh, there's nothing like realizing you've made a typo in front of the people that count! Hope everything turns out fine.

    So glad you were lucky with the stove incident! Scary stuff.

  4. i am praying all the mess will pass. your life doesn't need anymore stress. please take care and try to relax...i am sure it is what causes your tummy to act up... nice to your mommy!! darn cat!!!

  5. Sorry the stress is such a monster right now. I hope it evens out soon!!