Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'll just read the damn thing

My friend in the Keys is writing a book. Historic fiction based on many of the legends of Key West. Months ago I read his manuscript and corrected his grammar and some of the clumsier turns of phrase. It's to be expected, I suppose, since English is not his native tongue. Also, I pointed out that his character names are distracting. "Victor Borge" and "Keir Dullea" were real people, celebrities whose names would ring a bell with any Baby Boomer. In an infinite universe, there is no reason to take character names from the C-list.

When I was down there last Christmas -- just two weeks ago -- he told me that he ignored the changes he solicited from everyone, including me. Since he's having the manuscript self published, he doesn't have to listen to anyone. But I was annoyed. Why ask me … and his friend and his writers' group … for input if he was just going to ignore it?

It's really annoyed me. Like a pebble in my shoe.

Then it occurred to me: he doesn't want input, he wants praise. And isn't that just human nature?

And this book is never going to happen. It costs thousands of dollars to get a vanity project off the ground and he doesn't have it.

Plus, he loves me. I should be sweeter to him, and less judgmental.

So I'll just read the damn thing, shoot him some comments just detailed enough so that he'll know I'm familiar with the content, and let it go.

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  1. A classmate of mine has put me in your position and has asked for feedback a couple of times (and not taken that feedback). So, I'm going to borrow your solution. Thanks!