Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday 9

Unfamiliar with this week's song? Hear it here.

1) In this song, our hero offers to take his girl down to the river to catch a catfish dinner. What is your favorite seafood? I prefer shellfish -- lobster, crab, shrimp.

2) Luke Bryan went to Georgia State University, home of the Panthers. What was

your school mascot? This reminds me that our grade school team was also the Panthers ... the mighty-mighty Panthers … everywhere we go … people wanna know … who we are … so we tell 'em …

3) Have you ever tried acupuncture? Nope

4) Just last night, Crazy Sam threw away a jar of Miracle Whip because it expired in September 2013. Is your refrigerator neat and organized? Or is it a disaster area, like Sam's? There's some salad dressing and booze way in the back that I have no recollection of purchasing. I suppose I should reach back and dispose of them one of these days.

5) Which is more important to you -- saving time or saving money? Money.

6) Sam's next door neighbor is named Jim. He's retired, smokes a pipe and drives a red Corolla. Tell us about one of your neighbors. Walt is my neighbor at the end of the hall. He must be in his 80s now. I suspect he's lonely and I'd reach out to him more if he wasn't so annoying. He derives great entertainment from keeping tabs on me. Also, he watches Fox News incessantly and handwrites letters to Sean Hannity. I know because for some reason he leaves his early drafts in the laundry room. I have no idea why he does this -- to find out would require a conversation and I promise you, no good would come of that. On the plus side (and it's an important plus), Walt often gives to charity and gets a lot of free calendars in return, which he leaves in the hall for anyone who wants them. For someone on a fixed income to support so many good causes ... well, I think that inspiring.
7) What's the most recent magazine you flipped through? The new PEOPLE. With Kate Gosselin and the twins on the cover. I wish it was something higher tone, but there you go.

8)  Could your vehicle use a trip to the car wash right now? No vehicle.

9) Did you hit the snooze button this morning?


  1. Anonymous9:07 AM

    I love your story about Walt. People's lives are just so intriguing! The handwritten letters in the laundry room are what did it for me . . .

  2. I can remember my high school Alma Mater, we were the matadors, and they played The Lonely Bull before assembly.

  3. Walt seems amazing and he has a big heart.

  4. Your neighbor sounds interesting. Maybe you *should* strike up a conversation.

  5. Walt made me smile. So many of the elders that I meet and take care of are such interesting people. Walt, while annoying, sounds pretty interesting....

  6. That Hannity thing is too funny. Wonder if he write to Palin too.

  7. I really don't have much in my fridge but it's probably all out of date.

  8. Anonymous9:56 PM

    What happened to the other six kids?

  9. Walt is a good enough character to be fiction. I'd guess he leaves the drafts so at least someone is reading his letters.

  10. Anonymous3:26 PM

    That's the same chant we'd do! We are the warriors--mighty mighty warriors... :)

    I too liked how you described Walt. That was nice.