Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Men are weird

I worked for a couple years with an art director I clashed with. Daily. So I thought he disliked me. I found out -- when our little creative team blew up in internecine conflict -- that he really kind of admired me and totally had my back. He was back in the Loop today for the first time in years and he really wanted to see me. Three of us had lunch together today. It was nice, but it also confused me. So he considers us friends? I matter to him? Who knew?

My best friend, on the other hand, completely (and I think willfully) misunderstood an email I sent him and tore a strip out of me. His wife's grandfather just died and he was feeling overwhelmed by family obligations and he took it out on me. Understandable, I suppose, but not very nice. I'm not even sure he realized that's what he did.

Why are men so complicated? Even men I'm not sleeping with!


  1. Men in general are often confused about their feelings and have trouble looking inward. And I have found they don't seem to mind blowing crap out at the nearest target even if that target isn't part of the scenario.

    They are definitely confusing!

  2. i don't know, i guess that is why i continue to stay single...they drive me nuts...okay and some women too.