Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I Want Wednesday

I want to know what's going on. My best friend has been unemployed since August 1, has had precious few interviews and his leads are dwindling. When I hear from him, he's either depressed and withdrawn and all Eeyore, or he's regaling me with tales of his latest vacation.

Huh? How is someone who hasn't worked in more than 9 months affording to take all these trips? Thanksgiving in Puerto Vallerta. Easter in New York. He just got back from the New Orleans JazzFest and has a trip to the Grand Canyon on the calendar. He and his family would also like to go to Southern California but that's still up the in the air. Not because of money, mind you, but because his two now teenaged girls have so many activities planned for summer.

He must be taking money from his father-in-law, a very wealthy and not very nice man. Whenever my best friend does this, it's at the behest of his wife. Her family has money and she doesn't see why she should do without the things that her sister has. There's something to that. Every year her father has to give money away to family to avoid paying taxes on it anyway ... why not give it his kids?

Except that whenever he does take her family money, it seems to numb his soul. And, since when he's not telling me how much fun vacation was, he's telling me how little self confidence is left, I worry about him. A lot.

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