Wednesday, May 08, 2013




When I first tackled this topic, in 2008, the most popular names for dogs and cats were Max and Samantha. But styles change. According to the folks at, here are the most popular names as reported by veterinary clinics in 2012. Max remains, but Samantha goes by the wayside.
1. Bella
2. Max
3. Buddy
4. Daisy
5. Bailey
6. Coco
7. Lucy
8. Charlie
9. Molly
10. Rocky
11. Tiger
12. Smokey
13. Shadow  
My cats are Joey, Charlotte and Reynaldo. Do you have pets at home? Do their names appear on the list?

For more about the Thursday 13, 
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  1. But not mine or yours we are not common haha Kissipurr , Pinky, Darlin, Mello

  2. I guess people don't remember Samantha the witch any more.

  3. When I had a dog, her name was Ginger. Some of my other pet names have included Schooner, Clipper, Trixie, Major, Heidi, and Lady. Most of those were my pets when I was a child.

  4. My last cat was Squeaky, a name earned by the way she meowed. My boss's little dog is Tia. My sister's cat is Nala. Friends' cats are Midnight, and Magic and Ziva. My T13: Teacher Appreciation

  5. Our cat's name is Miss Kitty. That's the name she came with from the shelter, and since she was 10 when we adopted her, it didn't seem fair to change it.

  6. i don't like the name Bella...used way too much. i have a grand-dog Bella ugh!!

  7. We had a "Buddy" once, but none of the other names. One of the fun things about fostering for the SPCA was that I got to choose the name for the dogs I took in. My favorite was a trio of pups I named Patty, Max, and Laverne (we originally thought Max as a girl, so that was the reason for the Andrews sisters...but when we realized he was a boy, we kept the other names and shortened his!) My favorite single dog name was Bissell, named because I had just bought a Bissell floor steamer that day and loved it. To my amazement, the people who adopted him did NOT change his name!

  8. We have one on the list--Lucy. The other three cats are Ellie, Randall, and Lily. The dog is Ginger.

  9. Anonymous9:50 PM

    My parents had a black lab named Samantha and they currently have a Bichon named Buddy...though they did not name either one as they were both adopted.

    My cats are named Hemingway and Gatsby so I'm fairly certain that their names will never appear on a similar list...unless there is a list of pet names for the literary set.