Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me, Parts 5 and 6

Yesterday was my actual birthday. First celebrated with coworkers at the Wildberry Pancake House, and I had eggs benedict. Then my friend John took me to Italian Village, Chicago's oldest landmark Italian restaurant (open since 1927).

He also got me Barbra Streisand's coffee table book about her home -- something I love having but could not justify purchasing for myself. As he said, that makes it the perfect gift.

Things have slowed at work somewhat -- the calm before the storm. So I'm burning off some of my remaining vacation days (Wednesday through Thursday). Yea!


  1. happy birthday and have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. What a fantastic birthday! Glad you shared your celebrations with your loyal readers.

  3. Love the photo. Looks inviting! Enjoy the book.