Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I say a little prayer for you

The anniversary of President Kennedy's death was yesterday, my birthday. Because this dramatic event felt like it happened to me personally, it had a tremendous impact on me. I began learning about the man who ruined my 6th birthday and came away with a hero.

From studying about JFK, I developed a lifelong love of reading and joy of discovery. I came to appreciate his dispassionate approach to conflict -- it was never personal -- even as I find myself unable to emulate it. I appreciate his appreciation of language. I admire his physical courage and his grace under pressure. I learned the valuable lesson that great men are not necessarily good men. Most of all, I admire the elegant and sophisticated way his mind worked, the way the idealism melded with pragmatism.

So amidst all the celebration of my 54th birthday, I want to take a moment to remember the man who became a part of my life on my 6th birthday and taught me so many wonderful things. It's humbling to realize God has given me more time than he got.

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