Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: The 31 Meme, Part Two: In Memory to Clyde

Cheers to all of us thieves!

16. What's the longest shift that you worked at a job? While working on a presentation, I was at the office 19 hours straight. I'd like to thank the good people who make Monster Energy Drink for making that possible.

17. What was the last concert that you attended? That would be his lordship.

18. What the last DVD (or Blu Ray, of course) movie that you watched? Grey Gardens.

19. How did you like the film? I'm a big Little Edie fan, so I loved it.

20. What comedian do you love? Kathy Griffin

21. Do you ever sleep in the nude? It's been known to happen

22. Have you ever had a long distance relationship? Yes. It was my happiest relationship. My shrink observed that's indicative of my issue with genuine intimacy. Note she said "issue," not "problem." She also observes my issue with genuine intimacy doesn't seem to be making me especially unhappy.

23. What do you think of astrology? Sometimes I'm very into it, other times I forget to even check my horoscope.

24. What's you're favorite lyric quote from a song? It changes. Currently, it's Amy Winehouse: "From the picture my mind drew/I know I'd look good on you." She really was a clever lyricist.

25. Tell us something random about yourself. When I wear yellow, I look like a jaundice victim.

26. Have ever attended a theme party? If yes, do tell. Nothing springs to mind ...

27. What is your favorite thing about winter? I like the clean, white snow crackling under my boots.

28. What was the name of your first pet? Tommy

29. What have you done so far this weekend? Gotten stuff out of here! First a bag of food for the food pantry, then two bags of STUFF for Goodwill. Now I'm looking at a box of books to donate, as well.

30. Has your humor ever been called “sick”? Almost daily

31. If you could have one thing, what would it be? To know when my surgery will scheduled!


  1. dropping by from Saturday 9. hope you enjoy my entry this week! have a great week ahead!

  2. Amy Winehouse is such a loss. I thought of you when I heard the news because I know we both love her.

  3. My FAV color is yellow..LOl..just visiting..


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