Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Happiness Challenge -- Day 13

No more Zambrano. Cubs' pitcher Carlos Zambrano gave up 5 HR last night ... hit two batters in anger ... packed up his locker (even took down his nameplate) and left the ballpark. He had this hideous little tantrum on the very night that the Braves were honoring one of their franchise greats, Bobby Cox. Zambrano will be on the Disqualified List for 30 days. Since it's mid-August, that means he's done for the season. I hope he's done for his career.

He was an immensely talented young man. And a hideously selfish one. He socked one of his teammates in the dugout, screamed at another, beat up the dugout Gatorade dispenser,* broke bats over his knee in rage, complained about his teammates to the press, and even blamed the fans for booing him and not showing him enough "love."

Carlos Zambrano was not only very bad for my blood pressure, he was a bad example for kids. I'm glad he's gone.

For a half century I have loved my Cubs. I genuinely love just about every man who has ever donned the uniform. It is my first impulse to try to see where one of my guys is coming from when he melts down, as Carlos has done again and again and again. But Z joins a very elite group of players (Dave Kingman and Todd Hundley) that I simply cannot stand

*To be fair, I thought that one was fun.

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