Saturday, July 30, 2011

Well, at least this won't be happening anymore

Getting up at 4:15 AM to pee, that is.

My doctor explained the results of my ultrasounds yesterday afternoon. I have a very large (16 cm long) ovarian cyst, as well some less consequential, small fibroids on my uterus. She says the cyst is likely the culprit for all my complaints, is just over 6" long and not very wide. She likened it to a desk stapler.

The good news? The symptoms of an ovarian cyst are my symptoms:
• Dull pressure or pain
• Pain during urination and bowel movements
• Frequent urination (hence the timing of this post)
• Weight gain
• Fatigue

My GP is not a gynecologist and sent the films to him yesterday. I'll give his office a call in a few hours (not everyone wakes up at 4:00 to pee) and see what our next steps are. My GP did make it clear that if she was my treating physician, she would recommend a hysterectomy. My uterus is compromised and that cyst is too large to disappear on its own. Because it's so long, it's pressing the organs all around it.

And besides, I'm sick of all the symptoms above! That was the point of all this -- to isolate what's wrong and treat it.

HOWEVER, I don't want to be cut open. That means I'll have to inconvenience one of my friends -- right now, Kathleen looks like my lucky first choice -- to take me home from the hospital. I learned before they won't let you take a cab. And it could mean a lot of time (up to 6 weeks!) off work! I know they could get by without me, but do I want them to know they can get by without me?

However, I'm postmenopausal, which puts me at increased risk of ovarian cancer. So this has to be done. At the very least, that cyst has to be biopsied. My GP said I "shouldn't worry" about cancer, but that doesn't mean it's not cancer. That can just mean that worrying does no good. She doesn't know me well. Worrying is what I do.


  1. I have been stalking your blog waiting for the results. Glad to know they've pinpointed what's going on.

    Can't say I blame you for not wanting to be cut open but there are no good alternatives, are there?

    Sending you love and a wish for healing on all levels.

  2. wow...not what i expected. the good part is...they can go in and remove it.
    don't worry...use the time off to relax, you are an important part of your company and they will understand.
    my daughter had to have this done...she works in an office too...she said she would have been able to go back to work after a couple weeks.
    so if you must, maybe you can too.
    lots of love and prayers for this to be over and you feel back to your ol' self soon.

  3. I'm glad that you were able to get to the bottom of your symptoms, though sorry it's not better news. however, I have faith it's just one of those annoying cysts that enjoy playing havoc just for fun.

    And, as you work a desk job that isn't too strenuous...there's a good chance your doctor will allow you to go back to work earlier than the six weeks.

  4. Isn't it tough when the doctor says "don't worry"? That kicked my worry into overdrive.

    I'm glad you found out what's going on, though.

  5. Anonymous8:23 PM

    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about this! Glad they figured out the problem, though, and at least it's something fixable.

    I've had major abdominal surgery three times (c-sections) and while I was scared beforehand (especially with the first, which was not planned), recovery went well all three times. I'm wishing the same for you.