Saturday, July 30, 2011

If they're good enough for Holly Golightly, why not me?

Did you know that, after certain prcedures, hospitals won't release you, alone, to get in a cab? They consider it the same as driving yourself home and insist it's dangerous. Which means having surgery is even more stressful for singles, like me. Because I will have to ask a friend to take off work, just to pick me up from the hospital and deposit me at home. It's stupid.

Do Holly and Paul look like they're in danger? Of course not.


  1. This is *exactly* what friends are for and don't you hesitate one second (I know you will) to ask for help.

    You are so sweet and giving to others - ALLOW them to give back to you. (It's hard. I sorta suck at it but I am aware of it and really try to let others in that way.) Remember that people LOVE to help - you do, right? So do others.

    If I were there, I'd wait on you hand and foot (but you'd hate that so maybe just foot) ...

    Keep us posted, please.

  2. I'm with Lisa, if I were there I'd pick you up--no trouble at all. And I'd nurse you until you told me to leave you alone. ;-)