Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Monday -- Movies that Make You Want to Travel

Share the movies that made you want to get up and go, linking back here at The Bumbles. And don't forget to visit your fellow participants!

For once I'm going with very recent movies (two are in theaters now) instead of classics.

The Town. The aerial shots of Boston, plus
Fenway (which practically has a costarring role) and the car chases down the narrow streets, made me realize I haven't been in that great city since in 2004 -- and that's too long.

Sex and th
e City. I mean the first movie, not the second. (Part of why SATC2 failed is they moved the action to Abu Dhabi, where they don't belong.) In the first movie, "the city" is, of course, NYC -- Carrie's true love, which is so seductive even Jennifer Hudson has to leave the midwest to give it a try. That scene at New Year's, when Carrie makes her way to Miranda's apartment, is especially moving to me as one who navigates another great (but significantly smaller) city via public transportation. I can't imagine living in New York, but whenever I see it on screen I long to return for a double-shot of urban glamor.

Morning Glory. See above.


  1. I also love how NYC was depicted in Sex and the City. It's also included in my list.

    My meme.

  2. Now, I HAVE to see The Town and Morning Glory!!

  3. I think I would have included Under the Tuscan Sun because it really made me want to go to Italy.


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