Tuesday, August 24, 2010

10 on Tuesday

About the move.

1) We're changing offices on Friday.

2) I'm moving down the hall, and I believe I'll be getting a nicer view of Michigan Avenue. (Yea!)

3) The weekly beer cart parks right in front of my new office, which is also good.

4) But I'm not sure where my new printer and copy machine will be.

5) Our team is moving closer together, and a team from another floor is moving up here.

6) This is good because seeing all these empty offices, reminding us all of layoffs and fallen comrades, hasn't been good for morale …

7) And because the agency gets to make a little money by subletting one of the floors downstairs.

8) But I'm shocked by how much waste occurs every time we move. Reusable binders and paper clips by the ton get tossed into the dumpsters.

9) I have a hard time parting with anything, but I'm really going to try this time.

10) But I will take care to keep my recyclable paper out of the dumpster and in the blue recycle basket under my desk.

1 comment:

  1. When we moved our office, they had to physically hide the dumpsters from me because I could not bear to see so much stuff go to waste.

    I did manage to pull some stuff out and put it up on Freecycle here (stuff like laptop bags and nice sturdy binders). People were happy to get it and I felt better.

    But yeah, now I know to just remove myself from the premises.

    Sounds like a good deal going on for you! :)