Saturday, July 24, 2010

Clean Me

Every day I am going to do something -- no matter how small -- to improve my standard of living at home.

Even though I didn't feel like it, I reassembled my bathroom today when I returned from the dentist. I rehung the shower curtain and returned all the cleaning supplies to their places beneath the sink or behind the toilet. I put all my bath and shower soaps and gels and bubble baths on the shower shelf, all my hair stuff on the shelf beside the medicine chest. My skincare is in the basket on the toilet tank, and everything else is in the rolling cart.

I hated doing it. And I realized anew something important about myself -- I'm not so much a hoarder as a slob. I had to force myself to put everything back. My first impulse was to just lay on the sofa, being lazy, while all that bathroom stuff decorated my hallway.

I must make myself do the cleaner things.

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