Sunday, February 22, 2009

Indulge me as I send my mind to the happy place

I'm dreaming of my vacation again. Dreaming is very important now, when I have to do laundry and wash the kitchen floor ... today, when I had to buy Gatorade, Dulcolax and Miralax in anticipation of Wednesday's "big event" ... it helps to concentrate on what's beautiful and luxurious. Like tonight's elegant women and handsome, tuxedoed men at the Oscars. And my upcoming spa vacation at Chateau Elan, just outside of Atlanta.

To help me set the scene, let me share the weather -- it's sunny and 25ยบ warmer in Atlanta than it is here today -- and these photos. The robe-clad women eating heart-healthy food prepared by Chateau Elan's chefs are dining right there in the spa. The suites, where I'm staying, are in the hallway past the blonde. The spa treatments -- and my spa representative Larissa has two days of them scheduled for especially for me -- are performed down the hallway behind the gray-haired lady. Out the window you can see the gazebo, which is the centerpiece of the next photo. Isn't it great that I'll be right there on the water? From this vantage point, my suite appears on the far left and the spa itself is on the far right. Note the woman in the gazebo in her fluffy robe. It's perfectly acceptable, even encouraged, to wander around this building and the nearby grounds in the robe and flip-flops provided.

Much better than bleaching my whites down in the laundry room, isn't it? And certainly much, MUCH better than Wednesday!