Sunday, January 14, 2007

A book that helped. Really helped.

The subtitle of Elizabeth Edwards' book Saving Graces is "finding solace and strength from friends and strangers." She talks about how the kindnesses of those around her have sustained her through political losses, breast cancer and most wrenchingly, the death of her teenage son, Wade.

This book inspired me to accept help today from my oldest friend. She offered to come along to the family wake today. She knows how awful it would be for me to both support my mom and comfort my uncle while dealing with my molester. She wanted to be there for moral support. My first impulse was to be embarrassed and say, "No, that's OK."

But why? Why shouldn't I accept her offer? Why shouldn't I take "solace and strength" from someone I've known from my girlhood?

And so today she accompanied me. I hugged all who needed to be hugged, held everyone who needed to be held, and, at just past the hour mark, when my molester appeared, we slipped out the side door and now I am home.

Visitations are never fun. But this one went as well as these things can. In large part because she was with me. I am grateful to her … and to Mrs. Edwards.

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