Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday Stealing


1, People I'd like to thank and why. I'd like to thank my friends because they give me so much, all year and every year.

2. Something I rebelled against as a kid. Being told what to do. I still don't like it. I read that Frank Sinatra warned people close to him, "Don't tell me. Suggest." I get Frank.

3. What I need to accomplish before the end of the year. Nothing specific comes to mind.

4. Guilty pleasures right now. As I answer these questions, I've got reruns of the old TV show Las Vegas (2003-08) on. I don't know why I never saw this show when it aired originally, but I'm really enjoying it now and find Josh Duhamel (Danny) quite yummy.

5. Local landmarks. Good goobies! There are so many! The Bean, The Picasso, Willis/Sears Tower, (my favorite) Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, The Riverwalk ... Questions like this remind me how lucky I am to live in Chicagoland.

6. Cause or purpose I deeply believe in. Saving unwanted pets. It's tragic how willing cats and dogs are to love us and how badly we often treat them. If I had more money and room, I'd adopt more of them.

7. Things I never learned to do. Cook. Paint. Speak Spanish ... so many things!
8. Seasonal traditions I’m always excited for. Gift giving! Choosing and wrapping gifts for others, tearing paper off my own, it's so exciting.

9. Something I’d like to be mentored on. Spanish.

10. Exotic animals I wish I could keep as pets. NONE! Exotic animals should never be kept as pets. It's at best unwise and often cruel.

11. Something normal to me, that might be odd to others. My bathroom towels must match. I'm a lazy housekeeper in all areas except that.

12. The last book I quit reading and why. Leo Durocher: Baseball's Prodigal Son by Paul Dickson. I was about 15 pages in and realized I simply didn't feel like another biography just now. I still want to read it, and will likely return to it in spring.

13. Right now, I appreciate...  that I feel good. Looking back, the stress at the end of my career took a real physical toll on my health. I feel so much better right now than I did one year ago.

14. When “the holiday season” starts for me. Right after baseball ends. As soon as that World Series trophy is raised overhead, I'm ready to start seeing Santa everywhere.

15. Holiday foods and treats I love the most. Food: turkey. Treats: gingerbread.

16. “Terrible” movies that I actually like. Valley of the Dolls. I love every frame of this wretched mess. (Make no mistake: it has no redeeming value.)

17. Cooking all day for holiday dinner vs. ordering carry-out. Neither. We're meeting at a restaurant.

18. If I were trapped in a holiday movie, I’d pick... It's a Wonderful Life. It's romantic, hopeful, and filled with little truths about love, faith and the Golden Rule. It's the exact opposite of Valley of the Dolls in every way.

19. Which holiday tradition I wish lasted all year long. The good will. We tend to assume good intentions this time of year.

20. Favorite books, music, tv, movies and music this month. I don't really have a favorite Christmas book. Music? I love Andy Williams this time of year. Movies? My friend Elaine and I already have our tickets for It's a Wonderful Life on the big screen. (Rumor has it Santa will be there!) TV: I re-watch Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol while I wrap presents.


  1. I think eating out at the holidays makes a lot of sense. I also picked It's a Wonderful Life.

  2. #13--that's important. I know I am conscious of how work makes me physically feel.

  3. Sinatra is correct. I went to Wrigley in 2008. I've never seen Valley of the Dolls but I remember the massive controversy around it.

  4. Fun post! Sounds like you are already in the holiday spirit. So glad that you are feeling better this year than last. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving meeting up with friends. See you again soon!


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