Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Thursday Thirteen #303


Thirteen popular items at the grocery store. Since I'm not very domestic, I've often wondered if my grocery cart is unique compared my neighbors. So I checked and here are 13 of the most popular items on my local store's website.

I purchase none of them. Either they don't interest me (coffee) or the sizes are too big (I buy my milk by the quart, and there's no way I'm hauling 92 oz. of Tide down to the laundry room).

1. Charmin bath tissue (24 rolls)

2. Chicken thighs (5.5 lb. value pack)

3. Tide (92 oz. size)

4. Honey Nut Cheerios (18.8 oz.)

5. Store brand bottled water (24 pack)

6. Whole milk (1/2 gallon)

7. Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes (192 count)

8. Pepsi (12 can pack)

9. Store brand medium roast coffee pods (80 count)

10. Cage-free large eggs (18 count)

11. Brawny paper towels (8 rolls)

12. Zatarain's Blackened Chicken Alfredo (frozen)

13. Fat-free shredded mozzarella

What about you? I realize that this list is influenced by what was on sale this week. But still, do any of these items land in your grocery cart?

Please join us for THURSDAY THIRTEEN. Click here to play along, and to see other interesting compilations of 13 things.


  1. None of those are in my cart, either.

  2. Chicken thighs are the only thing on the list I buy. It's only the two of us, but I often buy bigger packages of meat to get a better per pound price and then freeze it in smaller portions.

  3. Good grief, those are huge packages. I buy chicken but not in that quantity unless it's a really good sale and I need some for the freezer. I buy Charmin in bulk at Sam's Club every 4 months. At the grocery store, I purchase Honey Nut Cheerios (smaller box), a quart of milk like once a month, and my husband drinks Diet Dr. Pepper. We do buy All detergent in a large size (also at Sam's Club) which I then transfer to smaller container so I can handle it because it is cheaper to do it that way. (I would use Costco but there isn't one near me, the closest one is about 3 hours away.)

  4. Oh my, the only ones I might see occasionally in my cart are the shredded cheese and the cheerios :) mostly get others - similar items (minus the baby wipes and the chicken thighs) either at Costco (larger size) or at Trader Joes
    My Thursday 13 post is here

  5. None of the items land in my car. Maybe the chicken. I would repack that large quantity in several smaller packs and freeze them.


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