Thursday, March 30, 2023

Hopefully, this is finally the beginning of the end

Today, Donald J. Trump was indicted. The details are not yet known, but it's likely tied to hush money paid to a porn star to keep their liaison secret. Is it a federal election crime? A white collar bookkeeping crime? The details will be shared soon. 

He now dismisses the porn star as "Horseface." Of course he does. She was good enough to bed, but now she must be insulted and demeaned. That's how he rolls.

It will forever gall me that people wrap themselves in my Christian faith and then defend this man. He's crass, he's cruel. He applauds and encourages vulgarity and racism (why do you suppose he still insists on calling Covid "the China Virus?"). He not only doesn't care who he hurts, he believes inflicting pain makes him appear strong. Which book of the New Testament endorses that?

46% of the country voted for him in 2016. Even after this.


Clearly he was right. Even after all the hate and division he's wrought since coming down that escalator in 2015 and declaring for President, even after encouraging an insurrection, 41% of the country says they view him "favorably."

Donald Trump may not lose a single voter because of this lawlessness, but he's still accountable for his actions. I hope this indictment is the first of many, because I fear it will take more exposure to finally break the fever so his supporters will see who they have been slavishly following.

Because I insist on believing that his voters are following him. That most of them are good people at heart and just have to be awakened. (Ah! "Woke!") But I'm terrified I'm wrong and they aren't following him. What if he's reflecting them? What if he's just the megaphone broadcasting their views?

No, I can't believe 40% of my countrymen are like this man.

I've got to have faith.


  1. Trump is terrifying. Everything is all about HIM. He makes himself a victim while he victimizes others. He cares not at all about anyone and anything other than himself. I pray that God protects our nation from Trump and his evil.

  2. Hang on to that faith, because I'm afraid there will always be another "former guy" in line, now. DeSantis, for example. (And I know where the blame mostly lies in the demise of democracy, and know who will fix it, but those folks should have moved faster and not lost sight of the fact that democracy can be so easily lost, so I consider them not entirely blameless. But I am on the same side as you. Just maybe a bit more pessimistic about it. And you won the trial on my blog page. Ha.)

  3. I share those fears. I live in staunchly conservative Trump Country. I have no glimmer of hope right now.


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