Sunday, February 05, 2023

Sunday Stealing

Three names you go by, other than your given name: My oldest friend always calls me, "Dear." When I was really little, my dad called me "Mouse" and "Andy Panda."

Three things you like about yourself:  I'm as tough as I need to be, I'm there when you need me, and, like Ellie Mae, I have a way with critters.


Three things you don't like about yourself: I'm sloppy, I procrastinate, and I have terrible teeth

Three parts of your heritage: Like my parents and grandparents, I'm an American, I'm a Chicagoan, I'm a Cub fan

Three things you are wearing right now: My comfy gold nightshirt, my unmentionables, and bright blue slipper socks

Three favorite bands/musical artists: The B's -- The Beatles, Babs (Streisand) and The Boss (Springsteen)

Three favorite songs: Here's one from each of the above -- "All My Loving," "More Than You Know," and "Thunder Road"

Three things you want in a relationship: Those three songs have me musing about romance, so I'll answer through that prism -- Affection, fidelity, fun

Three of your favorite hobbies: Books, movies, baseball

Three things that scare you:  Squirrels, clowns, airline travel

Three of your everyday essentials: Coca Cola, my shower radio, my laptop

Three places you want to go on vacation: There are places I'd like to return to -- Colonial Williamsburg, New York City, and Hollywood for the TCM Classic Film Festival (I've got my hotel, my pass, and my airline tickets for the upcoming 13th festival)

Three careers you have considered/are considering: Transcriber, shop girl, layabout

Three things you want to do before you die: I'm sorry but I simply won't do The Bucket List thing. It's morbid.

Three things you want to do really badly right now: Win the lottery, finish my seemingly endless dental saga, feel more confident and comfortable as a I navigate this life change into retirement



  1. I gave up on bucket lists years ago for much the same reason, and also because if I DIDN'T achieve them, that would mean my life was a failure?I have one Barbra Greatest hits. But about 18 Springsteen albums (I saw him perform once), and all of the Beatles albums, plus many of their solo albums (I saw Paul in 2014 with my daughter). Our family went to Williamsburg about a decade ago.

  2. Reading your answers to posts like this is always interesting. After reading your blog, hubby and I have decided that we want to go to the TCM film festival in LA when I retire. It just sounds fun. I have never been to Colonial Williamsburg, but I would sure like to go. I find Washington D.C. a fascinating place and hubby and I are going to go back this summer with our youngest son. He is a history major in college, and I told him that he really needs to experience some of U.S. History. Maybe we will do Colonial Williamsburg next. We have been to NYC a couple of times, but if I go back it will be mainly to see some plays on Broadway. I hope you have a good Sunday!

  3. I think Layabout as a profession is underrated and noble.

  4. I love Williamsburg. I've been three times.

  5. I knew I forgot something: the lottery!!
    And I hope that your dental problems will be solved.

    Enjoy your week!

  6. I recently came upon your blog and am enjoying it. I see some similarity between us - I live 90 miles from Chicago in Southwest Michigan, am also single but a great aunt and godmother (if I say so myself)! I am retired but was a transcriptionist in the later years of my career and I, too, am trying to get through the massive dental work I need done. You have a great blog. Have a pleasant week.


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