Sunday, May 15, 2022

Still a proud American, still a devout Christiian

A white supremacist shot up a grocery store in a predominantly black area of Buffalo. It was live-streamed on Twitch. Yet I keep hearing that an 18-year-old has a right to an AR-15 and any attempts to reign in social media are part of the "cancel culture." Never mind that the many of these same people are totally into banning books.

I'm supposed to accept that somehow feeding infants at the U.S.-Mexico border is a terrible thing, responsible for the formula shortage. To believe that, I'd have to ignore that Abbott Labs (a top player) recalled their formula and shut down a Michigan factory months ago, which hasn't yet reopened. But why think like a businesswoman when it's so much easier to blame brown babies? And aren't these the same people who decry socialism at every turn? Isn't it obvious the formula shortage has more to do with unchecked capitalism and monopolies than it does immigration? (While I assume it's fun to spread wacky conspiracy theories online, perhaps it would be more helpful to use your keyboard to let mothers know that our neighbor to the north has no such shortages and Canadian companies can ship to the US. WWG1WGA, right?)

The people who resent immigrant babies getting formula before God-fearing 'Murican babies are, generally speaking, the same ones who wish to mandate that every pregnancy end in birth. That's pretty rich. Not only that, it completely ignores the very troubling religious questions within their anti-abortion stance. I am a Christian woman who personally could never have an abortion. I am also an American woman who is not going to tell those of the Jewish faith whose beliefs may be different that their relationship with God is less than mine. I see the danger of legislating the supremacy of one faith over another. I also want to protect the rights of women who don't believe in a higher power at all. Because that is what a patriotic American woman should do. Of course according to many in the blogosphere, I'm a  libtard who needs to get closer to my faith. (Is that really what the Lord had in mind? To establish a Top 10 of who loves Him best?)

I'm reading a book about the First Ladies and I'm learning a lot (Ida McKinley was a thoroughly unlikable yet fascinating woman; must look for more about her). The cover shows Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. I have been hearing talk about Hillary and Michelle for years. They aren't feminine, they are too butch, they are lesbians or perhaps transgender. Yet of the three women pictured, only one has been photographed nude nuzzling another nude woman, and she was paid for it. I am not judging Melania Trump for modeling assignments Melania Knauss took. I don't know what went into her long ago choices and I don't care. I am judging the hypocritical, silly people who dismiss her gay-for-pay episode and the fact that she's the third Mrs. Trump (21 years younger than the still-living first Mrs. Donald Trump and 6 years younger than her immediate predecessor) in order to elevate Melania to paragon of Christian womanhood, while proclaiming Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are at the vanguard of the fall of the traditional American family.

This morning I am feeling more like a Christian American woman than ever. My heart and head hurt, but I remain hopeful. I keep reminding myself that I am not helpless. I must work harder to get out the vote this November.


  1. Beautiful, Gal--let's keep hope alive!

  2. Well said. I completely agree with you. You have motivated me to finished my "get-out-the-vote" postcards.

  3. Very serious today. I agree with you (shockingly). On a lighter note I thought you'd like this....

  4. Re the formula. You are more right than you know.
    Three (or four, depending on your point of view) American companies control 90% of the global infant formula market, chief among them is Abbott Nutrition. When a Chinese company announced it was investing in a Canadian manufacturing facility to make powdered baby formula from excess Canadian skim milk powder (Canada makes a lot of butter, so they have a lot of leftover skim milk), Abbott and the US diary industry spent millions lobbying congress to change the trade rules -- claiming increased Canadian production of formula would "negatively impact U.S. dairy trade and jobs."

    ... And so, when the Trump Administration backed by a Republican congress wrote and implemented the USCMA to replace NAFTA, they imposed new regulations restricting commercial importation of baby formula from Canada

    ... So when Abbott contaminated its production line and was forced into a massive recall, well, for Americans, there just ISN'T any other place to get infant formula. And you can thank the dairy industry, and their lackies in Congress (and, yes, the [Trump] White House) for that.

  5. This makes complete sense, of course, and it's well researched, so thank you. But alas, if you ask a Fox News viewer, they will tell you straight faced and with all sincerity that the problem is Joe Biden prioritizing immigrant (brown) babies over our own (white) ones at the border. One of the ugliest things about Trump/Fox is how comfortable they have made racists with their racism.