Sunday, July 25, 2021

Sunday Stealing


Your favorite songs: "All My Loving" by the Lads, "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire 

Your favorite bands: The Beatles. 

Your favorite actors or actresses: Katharine Hepburn and Robert Redford

Your favorite books: I recently reread The Princess Bride. I forgot how much I love it.

Your favorite movies: The Way We Were and Holiday.

Your favorite TV shows: Friends and right now I'm rewatching Sex and the City again.

Your favorite foods/drinks: Coke is my favorite beverage. Hamburgers are my favorite food.

Your favorite kitchen appliance: Microwave

Your favorite animal: Cats, especially my own -- Connie and Reynaldo

Your favorite scents: Cinnamon, apple

Your favorite things you do in your free time: Fart around on the internet, watch TV

Your pet peeves: Willful ignorance and alternate facts.
 (Say it with me: pandemic, not plandemic.)

Things you collect: Books, movies, magazines from the 1960s

Things you like to swap: Do I swap? I don't think I do.

Places you've been: One of my favorites is Colonial Williamsburg. I also like Las Vegas. I am eclectic.

Places you'd like to visit: Maybe I'd like to visit Mackinac Island. Or maybe I'd get bored. I'm not sure

Classes you liked in school: History and English

Crafts you would like to learn: Is cleaning a craft? I need to learn how to remove spots of black mold from shower caulk. I have a shower liner, so I must be careful what I use. I'm going to try a mix of Dawn and baking soda. (I should stop thinking about it and just do it already.)


  1. I don't think I ever knew The Princess Bride was a book! I'm sure I would have read it if I had. I'm going to have to hunt up a copy.

  2. Black spots of mold require bleach. Try some clorox cleaner with bleach in it, in the spray bottle, and squirt it on the area. I'm not sure what a shower liner is, but if it's a curtain or plastic, just remove it when you clean. Be sure to turn on the fan or open a window while you are cleaning, and don't leave this too long because black mold causes lung problems.

  3. Yes bleach works the best. Open the window and use a mask. We are going to Vegas in October but I would like to go to Williamsburg. My parents went back in the 80's and brought me a cookbook from there. Have a great week!

  4. I also like to fart around on the internet.
    I forgot to tell you that I read Confessions on the 7:45...OMG! I loved it. I am so glad you mentioned reading it. That is why I picked it up. Thanks for that. Loved your answers! Have a nice week. What are we going to do with our baseball teams? I thought the Cardinals were going to be REALLY good this year. *eye roll* Well and your team members may possibly be traded...some of them. ugh.

  5. I enjoyed history and English a lot too, and in fact, have taught both in high school. Yes, alternative facts and willful ignorance drives me CRAZY! I collect books too - hubby as well. Our basement family room is like our library. Colonial Williamsburg sounds cool. I love "learning vacations" and I do love history. Hope your week is going well. I missed some of your posts when I was on vacation. Trying to catch up now. :-)