Monday, June 29, 2020

Not unexpected

My remaining blood test results have arrived. They're not great, but they're not dire.

My cholesterol is under control. Of course it is. I take medication every morning.

I'm pre-diabetic. That's not a surprise, either. I first learned that in October. I was going to move more and eat better, but that was before the corona virus changed all our lives. I've been hideously sedentary since mid-March.

Disrupted sleep can have an impact on both my cholesterol and blood sugar. I have a sleep study scheduled for late July. I look forward to hearing the results and getting on this.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to the mammogram in late July. I won't really be able to relax until I hear that result.


  1. Looks like we on the same road, traveling from one test to another. My blood work was better this time ac1 for diabetes was great. Of course I’m on med for diabetes now. I take a daily pill. My cholesterol was better, but now my liver enzymes were off some. Seems like it’s always something. I missed my mammo due to the virus and need to reschedule , but I dread it,too.

  2. From my last bloodwork results--I have high cholesterol because my good number is so high it skews the total number. Go figure.

  3. I won't take the cholesterol medication. Mine is high but it has always been high, and the medication makes my brain foggy. So I just live with it being high and hope for the best.

  4. My cholesterol is high and I will have to go on meds. I am prediabetic and was okay until Covid hit. The worse is that I have osteoporosis and I just had another test an waiting for the results. Sorry about your sleep test. Sometimes I think I have that too. If isn't one thing, it is something else. But I do have peace. Hope you feel better soon.


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