Wednesday, May 13, 2020

When did we all get old?

My aunt is having surgery today. She has a heel spur that has been bedeviling her for almost a year now and, after a Covid-related rescheduling, she's getting it taken care of. It's not a complicated procedure. It requires only a local and she'll be home tomorrow morning. But naturally she's nervous about it. I had a gift box of chocolate raspberry cookies delivered to cheer her up. You know, a spoonful of sugar and all.

My cousin Rose had her master bathroom remodeled. This surprised me, since she hasn't lived in this house that long, and she never mentioned the bathroom one way or the other before. Not even when we discussed my own bathroom remodeling ad nauseum. Turns out her knee has been giving her grief and she just can't get in or out of the tub as easily as she used to. Not even with the grip bar. This doesn't sound like Rose! She's a traveler who recently traipsed all over Poland, checking out churches and cemeteries, looking up her ancestors. Now all of a sudden she needs a walk-in shower?

Both of these women have the unique capacity to get on my last nerve, as only family can. Yet I love them both. I hate that they are both in their 70s.

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