Saturday, April 18, 2020

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: I Don't Care (2019)

1) This song begins with Ed Sheeran admitting he's not enjoying the party he's at. What's something you have to do this weekend, but don't want to do? Laundry. I enjoy clean towels and sheets, but I hate doing laundry.

2) Justin Bieber sings about trying to have a conversation at a party. Have you seen any of your social gatherings cancelled because of the Covid-19 pandemic? My classic movie group has morphed a bit. We now watch the films on our own on YouTube and then "meet" on Zoom to discuss. It cheers me up to talk movies with people who share my passion, but I'm eager to watch the films on a big screen again.

3) Both Ed and Justin conclude that this party -- and everything else -- is okay because they're with the ones they love. Who in your life always makes you feel comfortable and content? My oldest friend. I suppose it's no wonder, since we've been BFFs since Kindergarten.

4) Ed and Justin have both appeared on The Simpsons. Are you a Simpsons fan? Nope.

5) Speaking of animation, Ed Sheeran has said that he'd love to do a Disney soundtrack, like Elton John's Lion King. Do you have a favorite Disney movie? She may not be animated, but she is supercalifragilisticexpalidocious! 

6) Justin Bieber is fluent in French, and Ed says he knows enough to get by. Say something to us in French. Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble. (Everything in my life somehow goes back to the Lads from Liverpool.)

7) Justin can solve a Rubik's Cube in less than two minutes. Are you good at puzzles? Nope.

8) In 2019, the year this song was popular, 20 new governors took office. Tell us something about the governor of your state (or commonwealth)? Last year, I cast my vote for JB Pritzker without much enthusiasm, but he's turned out to be a wonderful surprise. He really fights for us here in IL. JB addresses us every day and speaks seriously and plainly. He's informing us, not "selling" us or campaigning for re-election. I genuinely appreciate him now.

9) Random question: Did you more recently give a compliment, or receive one? I gave one. I let my oldest friend know how her easy laughter lifted my spirits.


  1. Feed the birds, tuppence a bag ... I love a Mary Poppins

  2. I love that you've had the same friend since kindergarten. We moved so much that I never really had any childhood friends that "stuck".

  3. Even in its present form, your movie group sounds like fun. I also agree with "Me, Myself, and I" about having the same friend since childhood. We moved a lot, too, and it was hard to always be making new friends and then leaving.

  4. I enjoyed your answers.
    Glad to hear your Governor is doing a good job.

  5. I'm glad your governor stepped up. Some of them haven't.

  6. Oh #2 sounds so fun and interesting! I am glad you have that to keep you entertained.
    I hope things are getting better for Chicagoland! This week our Pastor at our church prayed with a Pastor from there (Al Toledo). Loved your answers! Have a great weekend.