Thursday, March 05, 2020

A hamster on a wheel

Last Friday, I got a big project at 3:45 PM. It covered three of our client's lesser lines of business. I worked Friday night, all day Sunday, and late into Monday. I resented having the project dumped on me so late -- our new management team had the projects for weeks before including me -- but I was also enthusiastic. Since the project emphasized the lesser lines of business, I felt it offered me an opportunity to really make a difference. I could help the client turn a greater profit in 2020 in three areas where they'd been struggling.

The presentation was Tuesday. Rumor had it that the client was pleased.

This afternoon, my boss and I were farting around on a website devoted to gossip about our client. Mostly it was just snark, but I saw a rumor that piqued my interest. Something about a merger with a Minnesota-based company. I guessed who it was and googled them, keystroking my client's name with theirs. I got the news as it was breaking.

My client is selling two of those three lines of business. And I just so happened to learn about it as it was happening, before our new management team even heard it.

So we're not going to win the business that was pitched Tuesday because the client's not going to be selling those products anymore. So I worked under pressure Friday night, Sunday and Monday for nothing.

Making me a hamster on a wheel, racing around, going nowhere.

It gets better. The client contacts who were my biggest fans are likely being laid off tomorrow. Making them hamsters, too.

I can't imagine that I'll have a job much longer. I may not have an advertising career anymore.But right now, I don't give a fuck. I'm emotionally exhausted.

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  1. Holy moly. It would be difficult to let go of that hamster-like stress.


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