Monday, November 18, 2019

Tuesday 4

Holiday Favorites
1.   Favorite Holiday Of Yours? I'll say Thanksgiving, because it's coming up next and I'm excited about it.

2.   Favorite Holiday Character In A Movie? Scrooge. Have you seen Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol? I adore it!

3.   Favorite Holiday Dish Or Dessert To Make? I'm sorry, but I don't have anything for this because my friends and I eat Thanksgiving dinner out. I spend Christmas with different friends. Sometimes we cook, often we go out. Last time we cooked, I brought ice cream for dessert, and obviously I didn't make that!

4.   Favorite Holiday Weather You Wish For? Depends on the holiday. For Thanksgiving, I will be here in Chicagoland and I'd like it to be cold, but not freezing. The restaurant where we're dining offers a view of the Millennium Park Rink, and it's fun to watch skaters spinning around.

Now Christmas will find me in Key West. My friends don't have air conditioning, so if we eat in, I'd prefer it to not be too hot.


  1. Thanksgiving is my favorite because it's pretty relaxing, what with being all about food, family, and football (yes, I know it's about more than that, but that's kinda what we all do that day). It's a nice calm, respite before the Christmas poo hits the fan.

  2. Oh, I love Mr. Magoo and A Christmas Carol is my favorite story of all time! I think ice cream is always a perfect dessert.

  3. Enjoyed your answers. Have a good holiday.

  4. Your dining view will be spectacular. I love Millennium Park. Have a great week!

  5. I just love Mr. Magoo! I always got a kick out of him walking around with his eyes closed (they looked closed anyway) and running into things and opening his eyes really big. Hahahaha, makes me laugh just thinking about it. Loved your answers! Have a nice week!