Saturday, September 07, 2019

Saturday 9

The Sweet Escape (2006)
1) This song begins with, "First of all, let me say I must apologize ..." Who most recently apologized to you? Friday Joanna apologized for standing me up for dinner. I really didn't mind that much. I didn't feel like spending the money on a meal that I may not enjoy because I'm still not 100% over Wednesday's dental work.

2) Gwen Stefani sings that she acted like "sour milk on the floor." Is there milk in your refrigerator right now? What about non-dairy creamer? There's a quart of 2%.

3) In the video, Gwen wears several different pairs of stiletto heels. What are you wearing on your feet as you answer these questions? I'm barefootin'.

4) Mrs. Stefani named her daughter "Gwen" after a stewardess in the book/movie Airport. Who was your favorite character in the book you just read, or movie you most recently watched? It's Thelma (pronounced "Telma"). The Viscountess Furness, thank-you-very-much. I'm reading a biography of Gloria Vanderbilt, and Thelma was her aunt, her mother's identical twin. 

Thelma with her fella, the future king
She was her own girl in the 1930s, a time when being an individual wasn't necessarily valued in a woman. Her sister (Gloria Vanderbilt's mother/Anderson Cooper's grandmother) was a perpetual victim. Not Thelma. Despite family pressure, she refused to stay married to a man who abused her, just because he was heir to the AT&T fortune. She brought her camera, not a gun, when she went on safari, and hung around with Charlie Chaplin, with whom she discussed becoming a movie producer. She was romanced by a Broadway leading man and the Prince of Wales (right before he met Mrs. Simpson).

Now I'm not done with the book yet. Maybe I'll change my mind about her. But right now, I think she rocks.

5) Gwen is a distant cousin of Madonna's. Are there any performers in your family? My cousin is a musician. He teaches at a community college but his heart is in performing. Often, when Broadway touring companies come to Chicago, he's in the pit. He's played in shows like The Lion King, Beautiful and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I'm very proud of him.

6) In high school, she joined the swim team not because she enjoys swimming but because she wanted to lose weight. Are you doing anything (dieting, participating in an exercise regimen) in order to shed a few pounds? No, but I sure should.

7) Before she became successful, Gwen worked at the makeup counter in a department store. What was the last thing you purchased? Did you buy it online or at a store? Our tickets to the Noir City Chicago film festival. I bought the online.

8) Gwen has gotten a great deal of publicity for her romance with country star, Blake Shelton. What's your favorite Blake Shelton song? I know he sang a song called, "Mine Would Be You" because it was once a Saturday 9 theme. So I guess, since it's my only, it's also my favorite.

9) Random question: Which of these compliments would make you the happiest -- to be called fascinating, or brilliant, or gorgeous? Fascinating. Yes, I know I should say something sanctimonious here about how I'd prefer to be thought of as charitable or pure of heart. Whatever. I know I'm nice. I know I'm smart. But I'd love to be thought of as fascinating.


  1. Ms. Thelma sounds like a fascinating lady...though the future king doesn't exactly look happy in the photo. Very cool about your cousin. Do you get to see the shows? That would be an awesome perk. I'm with you on fascinating.

    Thanks for the Saturday fun, enjoy your day!

  2. I'll have to read that book. There's someone who definitely sounds "fascinating."

  3. Great responses... many of which were quite fascinating to be sure!!!

  4. A couple of Christmases ago I visited the Breakers in Newport, I remember correctly some of the Vanderbilt still live there.

  5. I find you fascinating! It blows my mind every time you mention something my son would love. I find him fascinating too. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  6. You've enticed me to read the book!

  7. Dental works is the pits. I hope you recover from it ok.