Saturday, September 07, 2019

My bright spot is noir

Friday night Noir City Chicago opened, and Will and I were there! So was my TCM boyfriend, festival host Eddie Mueller.

This festival is a celebration of the stylish, dark and cynical style of filmmaking that reached its height in the 40s and the 50s. We saw a Barbara Stanwyck movie that was new to both of us  -- The File on Thelma Jordan. This was exciting because Will loooooooves Stanwyck, and for him to discover one he'd missed was an event.

Before the movie, we met for gelato and caught up. I enjoyed finding out about his work. Six years we've known each other, we've really only talked movies and pop culture. Until tonight, I truly didn't know what he did for a living.

Part of why we had the time to chat one-on-one is that Joanna, who was going to join us, didn't. She had a cold. I felt like yelling, "They took a saw to my jaw and I'm still going!" But that would be childish. Still, I was annoyed. Sometimes she's brings a little too much drama to the party. (Fortunately I myself am the perfect companion.)

I've had a rough few weeks. (More on recent events later.) I needed this night at the movies.

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  1. The Noir festival sounds like fun! I really enjoy the genre!