Thursday, August 08, 2019

Look who's 30!

My all-time favorite Cub. And when you consider the All-Stars who have worn Cubbie blue over my lifetime (Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, my beloved Greg Maddux, Fergie Jenkins, Lee Smith ...), that's saying something.

It's not just his play. Though his career has been stellar.

It's who Anthony Rizzo is. Here's his biography from the Anthony Rizzo Foundation page. He's not only a cancer survivor who gives tirelessly to the community, he's a good role model for the tens of thousands of kids who see him play every game.

And it's the joie de vivre that just emanates from this kid. Here he is, playing Beer Money. It's a local sports quiz show. Rizz has never been allowed to compete because he and Beer Money are both employees of the Chicago Cubs. Instead of money, he wins "special prizes." Watch him at 1:35 where he wins a single dolphin slipper. Have you ever loved anything as much as he loves that footie?

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